Creative Director & Yin Yoga teacher

“ I have has always been interested in spirituality and how we are so much more than our physical body. How we are energy.

I decided to become a yoga teacher after learning about the fantastic benefits yoga have on our mind, soul and physical body. I started practicing yoga after suffering from depression, and I remember laughing and crying hysterically for hours after my first yoga session, I understood that something amazing was happening within me, something I wanted to be able to share with others.  

I studied for my Yin Yoga teacher degree in London 2017 and started teaching Yin shortly after. I currently teach Casa Fortunata's weekly candlelit yin yoga classes and sound baths. I also teach occasionally at Fitness First and other gyms and studios.

My classes are small, slow and relaxed. We're not to serious, if I can put a smile on your face I’ve done my job.

I particularly enjoy working with specific target areas based on my class requirements or requests, and my biggest satisfaction is seeing (with a regular practice) your improved range of movement, lifted mood and calm mind after the class.. If you have any questions, just let me know.”

Next time you step on the mat, ask yourself; what do I need that I’m able to give myself today through my practice?”



Yin Yoga module 1 -  50Hr RYT (August 2017) - With Yin Yoga
US Yoga Alliance Certified Training 

Yin Yoga module 2 -  50Hr RYT (October 2017) - With Yin Yoga
US Yoga Alliance Certified Training

For more information about With Yin Yoga's teacher training you can visit their website here.