Let’s beat the Monday Blues!

Companies all over the world, big and small, are realising that a simple investment in to their staff’s heath and wellness has a positive effect on their sales, costumer service and productivity within the workplace.

Inviting your team to a Monday morning Yoga session can help ease the Monday blues, a Wednesday open lunch “Wed-iation” (mediation) can help getting over hump day by allowing your team to pop in for short 15 minute meditation on their lunch break…or why not go all out and treat your colleagues to a soothing Sound Bath to release stress and help re-set for the weekend.
There is many ways that yoga and sound can help you bring some healthy activities to your workplace. Fortunata Yoga can tailor packages an expreinces to suit your requirement.

What’s stopping you?

Limited Budget restraints: If committing to a series of 4 events each month the classes will start from only £35 per 1 hour session.

No Space: Some of the sessions such as a mediation or Sound Bath can be held seated, so your team can rest on their chairs or take a seated position on the floor. Office Yoga will be practised at the desks in the office, and if practicing yin yoga we only requires enough space for each delegate to have a mat each on the floor. Only if you like a more flow Hata session would we need a little bit more space, but we can think of going outside in to park or communal space.

No showers: That’s OK. We offer various experiences and styles of yoga sessions. With this in mind we can design a yoga sequence that will stretch and wake you up, not heat you up. Mediation and Sound Bath requires no physical activity and your team don’t event have to change.

We’re not in to all that spiritual stuff: That’s OK too. Not everyone is, so when teaching in a multicultural place, such a workplace, the Buddhism and Taoism and all “that spiritual stuff”, can be excluded. We will use poetry and nice music to connect to our breath and create a beautiful practice.

Some of the benefits a regular yoga practice could provide your team:
Increased circulation, importation if sitting down for longer periods of time
Lifted mood
Higher levels of concentration
Easing sore backs and feet
A great team bonding experience
Increased energy
Having fun and experience something different, providing to their sense of personal development
A sense of achievement when managing the practice

The golden lining with yin yoga, and our Yin Yoga mix, is that the poses can be practiced by any level of practitioners. It gives beginners a perfect place to start their yoga journey, at the beginning of the pose and they become familiar with their practice, or if they already are regular yogis, the pose can be intensified by the use of their own body weight and reach.

Let us know if you have any question or if you like to discuss your requirements. Drop us an email via the contact page or give Maria a call on 078 214 01009.