Frequently asked Q and A's

the newbiee

I never done yoga,  is your classes suitable for me?
Yes absolutely. Especially the yin classes! They are perfect for first time yogis as the practice can be very gentle when using props, and there is a lot of variations within each pose to suit all level of practitioners. 

I'm too stiff to do yoga, I can't event touch my toes. I don't think its for me!
Oh dear friend how wrong you are. Firstly, yoga is for everyone, for the stiff ones especially. We all have to start somewhere and yoga is a good place. 


I never been to a yoga class, what should I wear? 
Anything you want as long as it's soft and comfortable. We also recommended that you bring a jumper to put on in the final long relaxation. 


I've recently had a _______________ operation, can I attend?
As long as your doctor have said that light exercise is OK for you, yes. Yoga is a fantastic tool to speed up recovery and to help your body heal. Please make sure to tell the teacher about your surgery when asked and to listen to your body so you don't push yourself to hard or to far. 

I have a ____________________ problem, is yoga suitable for me?
There might poses that are not suitable for you, but as long as you notify the teacher they are able to give you alternatives so you can still reap the benefits of yoga through participation in a full class. 


I can't meditate.
I hate meditation.
I don't want to meditate.
Do I have to meditate? 

Meditation is a huge part of yoga and yes, there is some "light" meditation in the beginning of the class to centre and ground you- aka - bring you in to the here & now and in touch with your body,  and there is a relaxation at the end of the class. However, we can't force you to meditate, meditation is something really personal that only you can make happen, so if it's not for you, just take is a mini-breather and enjoy the music. We just kindly ask you not to disturb the other yogis by too much movements or leaving early or joining the class later. 

the boring stuff

I can no longer attend, can I get my money back for the ticket? 
I'm afraid no. You're welcome to give you space to a friend or contact Casa Fortunata and if there is yogis on the waiting list we can try to organise a swap. 

I'm running late!
The door closes 5 min before the class starts, so please be on time. 


If in doubt, drop us a message beforehand and we advice you further.