We're super excited to be able to offer outdoor evening Yin Yoga classes during the summer. As we have the luxury of having access to a secluded outdoor space with a covered and calming Zen garden and shala, we will be offering small (a maximum of 4 yogis) 75 minutes  long (oooh, yes) outdoor yin yoga on Wednesday from 7pm-8pm, as soon as the weather permits. 

The tickets will be going live in the morning and you will be able to book via our website or on Designmynight. 

Weather permitting we hoping to start the outdoor Yoga sessions mid May. The best way to keeping up to date is to follow us on instagram #fortunatayoga, like us on Facebook or singing up to our newsletter. 

If you like to attend, give us a head up now via email and we will offer the space to your first.