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Solar Plexus Chakra - Activating & Balancing Workshop

  • Fortunata Studio 61 Woodlands Park Road London, England, N15 3SB United Kingdom (map)

In this series of workshops we will be traveling though our chakras; exploring them, activating them and balancing them.
We will gain deeper knowledge of our 7 main chakras, one chakra center will be explored and re-balanced at each event.

We will use meditation (led, chakra activating meditation) and movement (yin yoga) to open up on a deep physical and spiritual level to expose the chakra, sound vibrations (chanting and a crystal singing bowl sound bath) to activate and sooth the chakra, and finally calming stillness (restorative yoga and shared Reiki healing) to nourish and restore the balance for a sting healthy glow.

All the above exercises will help to release old negative emotions and blockages that might be holding you back and keeping you stuck in negative routines.

Blockages within your chakras can lead to physical manifestations such as stiffness and aches, energy stagnation, a feeling of being emotionally “frozen”, ot maybe you’re experiencing a lack of creativity, or feel like you have lost your X factor.

As we actively search for held blockages within we allow our body and our mind to let go on a deep emotional level so that we can restore balance and harmony within the chakra.

Time: 14:00-17:00

Sunday 6 January – Heart Chakra; Wisdom, Love, Healing, Energy, Vitality

Sunday 20 January – Throat Chakra; Creativity, Communication

Sunday 17 February – Third Eye Chakra; Spirituality, Seeing though the veil, Third sense

Sunday 3 March – Crown Chakra:  Divine Connectivity, Spirituality

The event includes allocated breaks and water, tea and snacks.

Experience includes:

– Information about the chakra
– Learn how to use a crystal pendulum to connect with your chakras
-Chakra Activating meditation with Singing Bowl Sound Vibrations in the tones of the aligned chakra to release emotional blockages
– Yin Yoga practice to open the physical body
– Singing Bowl Sound Bath to sooth and balance the chakras
– Restorative Yoga session to promote balance and healing in the physical and emotional body
– Chanting
– Refreshments and tea served

Earlier Event: December 8
Free Taster Acupuncture Session