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Crystal Masterclass - Make your own aura spray

Join us at the beautiful and exclusive Library in Covent Garden for a fun and interactive evening where we will explore crystals in all their beautiful shapes and forms!

Learn the in's and out of how to use crystals in your every day life, and gain deeper knowledge in to what crystals to use for what and how to look after them to maximize their power. 

Each workshop will present a new theme, and the crystals and rituals will connect to the calendar. 

Monday March 11
Hello spring! 
Time for that spring clean. We'll look at (and try) all the various way to clean our crystals; cleansing crystal meditation, sound, smudging, water and salt. We will also have a look which crystals that help us let go and move forward with a open mind and heart! 

Monday 14th April
Sooth my vibrations and bring me forward
A very special and intimate event (separate listing on Funzing, look on the date) with a magical Crystal Meditation & Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath.
Very limited space! 
£20 p/p

Monday 20th May
Make your own magical aura spay. 
Using crystals, essential oils and dried flowers. Write your own spell and super charge your spray to bring you love, abundance or a dog! Anything you like...

There is allocated breaks during the event when you can enjoy drink and food purchases from Library. If you wish to dine before or after the event please contact Library directly.