Chakra activating Sound Bath 


Lay down in a sea of candlelit and let the soothing ring of the bowls stimulate your mind and soul as they tickle your qi and awake your chakras.

At a Sound Bath you simply lie down, relax and listen. After a brief moment of silence, once relaxed and centred you will be guided on a musical journey inwards. Let yourself flow with the gentle ringing sounds of crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls.

During the sound bath, aka sound meditation, the sound vibrations help shift your brain into a more relaxed state, to make it easier to experience a deeper meditation, what Bernstein described as a “theta brainwave”. The sound vibrations from each specific bowl  will also activate their aligned chakra helping to clear and heal emotional blockages. 

You will leave feeling relaxed, and it's not unusual for a physical tingeing sensation to manifest. That's great, that's all the good stuff moving. 

Please wear soft and comfortable clothes for that totally comfy state, bring a eye mask if you like. 

Full Moon Sound Bath 

Next date: 26th July & 27th of July 21:00
Investment: £10, including herbal teas & vegan cake
Address: Outdoor Shala, 61 Woodlands Park Road, N15 3SB

For our full moon sound bath we will play our 7 chakra activating crystal singing bowl outdoors, at night, under the full moon. There will be soft candlelight, blankets, pillows and mat's laid out for you in a beautiful place where you can enjoy the healing sounds and set your new moon intentions, The full moon is the time to release what is no longer supporting us-old habits, patterns, approaches, anything in our lives that's holding us back.

Please bring a extra jumper, warm socks and an eye mask if you like. 


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