“With emphasis on breathing and meditation we practice yoga to promote healing and overall well-being.”

Emotionally and physically healing yoga is an empowering practice that prioritizes the lived experience and healing of each individual client. Safety, trust, choice, and control are core components of our practice practice. Our sessions will be designed around your needs and might have different themes; inviting chakra work, and using yin or restorative postures. We will explore positive affirmations, and a invite a change in you mindset and the way you think, inviting mindfulness on and off the mat, combating stress and anxiety at the deepest level.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga helps to prevent and ease specific diseases by keeping the energy meridians open and life energy flowing, and is also known to heal physical injuries and emotional imbalances. Yin Yoga is a flexible intervention that helps to significantly reduce stress and anxiety while keeping our bodies flexible and limber. The poses are mostly practiced seated, and are held for longer periods of time, 3-5 minutes, allowing your body and mind to settle in and gently release in to the asanas (poses), engaging in deep beneficial stretches. Some of the immense benefits that come with regular yin yoga practice include lower blood pressure, diminished stress levels, improved coordination, and flexibility, leading to better concentration, sleep, and digestion. Some practitioners also experience waves of deep emotional releases within the practice.

  • opens the flow of Qi / prana within the body

  • helps when healing from physical injury

  • combats stress

  • brings your focus to the breath, calms the senses

  • offers mindfulness

  • invites great flexibility to your physical body

Restorative Yoga

While using a vast variety of props, such as bolsters, blocks and pillows we aim for 100% comfort in each pose. Calming and re-setting our central nervous system, healing from the inside. Restorative Yoga lower blood pressure, helps to reduce the production of cortisol and other stress hormones. The class is designed to calm you down and re-set mind and body. The poses are enjoyed for 7-10 minutes, inviting deep relaxation.

  • helps reduce stress

  • helps combat anxiety

  • ease joint aches and pains

  • connects you to your emotions

  • supports your central nervous system

  • invites you to slow down, to breathe